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Francesco Chiappelli , UCLA School of Dentistry

Dr. Francesco Chiappelli is a Professor in Tenured, Dentistry Division of Oral Biology & Medicine at School of Dentistry, Los Angeles and also working as part time faculty in the Department of the Health Sciences (Biostatistics), College Health and Human Development, Los Angeles. Dr. Chiappelli has taught evidence-based dentistry to first and second year dental students, as well as to residents, and as CE courses since the mid 1990’s. His research areas research interest for the last three decades has been mind-body interaction, and specifically the role of the psychoneuroendocrine system in regulating cellular immune surveillance. As a system biologist, he has focused on the role of stress on the responses of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, for example, and its modulatory effects on T cell activation, proliferation, regulation and function.   His fundamental hypothesis is that external stressors, such as pain, alcohol, nicotine or drugs of abuse, as well as perceived stress and anxiety put a serious load on the CD4+ T cells of the immune system, and prevent them from functioning well in the defense against infection and cancer. 

About the Journal

Evidence based medicine journal is an open access peer reviewed international journal aims to publish articles in the in the field of evidence based medicine by which the patient care can be enhanced. EBM publishes original research, reviews, short comminications and letters.

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