Journal of Immunology and Vaccination

Pirouz Daftarian , University of Miami

Dr. Pirouz Daftarian is a Volunteer Assistant Professor University of Miami, USA. He is a Vaccinologist/Immuno Oncologist with 15 years of experience in T cell biology, I-O, vaccine and hybridoma generation. IVD assay development for I-O biomarker and surrogates of tumor rejection. He is also working as Application Manager IO and vaccine- JSR Micro/ MBL International R&D development of biomarkers and novel assays to predict efficacy of vaccines and immune-modulators. He has nine patents and many publications in peer reviewed journals.

About the Journal

Journal of Immunology and Vaccination is an international online open access peer reviewed journal dedicated to basic and advanced research in field of immunology and vaccines. JIV enhances the understanding of antigen-antibody reactions, immune system, clinical immunology, immunotherapy, vaccines preparation and applications. JIV publishes original research, review articles, case reports, mini reviews and letters.

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