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Novel Diagnosis Methods to Detect Infections Diseases

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Dr. Paulo RZ Antas, 

FIOCRUZ (Brazil)

Dr. Antas has been working in a group that develops research in the field of immune response of human infections and vaccinations, especially for mucosal immunology area. Most of his scientific time, currently dedicated to study several aspects of the immune response in Tuberculosis, such as the involvement of inflammatory cytokines, and the T cells on the immune response to mycobacterium as a whole. Part of his work has also focused on identifying an immunologic predisposition to extra pulmonary tuberculosis. Thus, during his PhD degree and post-doc fellowship in Nashville (TN), he spent working in projects related to cytokine detection in patients with cured tuberculosis, studying immune responses among persons with prior extra pulmonary tuberculosis, and compared them to those responses among persons with either pulmonary or latent infection. Therefore, accumulated data have shown defects in resting cytokine production, and also have noted lower CD4 counts in HIV-seronegative patients. Primarily, these results provide evidence of defects in innate immune responses and he is raising the hypothesis of possible genetic predisposition to these immunologic defects. 

About the Special Issue

The purpose of this special issue is to highlight the major findings on candidate biomarkers that intent to replace or give support to classical methods in order to accelerate the case findings, mainly in poor, low-resource settings where novel methods are desirable to improve life quality.