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Special Issue about Parapharyngeal Space Tumors

Handling Editor

Dr. Afshin Teymoortash, 

Philipps University, Germany

Dr. Afshin Teymoortash received his doctorate in the Department of Medicine at University of Kiel. He is Specialist in ear, nose &throat medicine and facial plastic surgery. His research areas include Head and neck oncology, plastic reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, salivary gland diseases. He is Co-Chairman of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Philipp University, Marburg, Germany. 

About the Special Issue

The parapharyngeal space is a deep and complex anatomical space in the shapes of an inverted pyramid. Parapharyngeal space tumors are infrequent but important tumors of the head and neck region with histological diversitypresent difficult diagnostic and management challenges.

The management of these usually asymptomatic masses is diagnosis-dependent and should be individualized.Adequate evaluation and management of parapharyngeal space tumors requires beside surgical expertise in head and neck region radiological and pathological skills.

Treatment of choice in most parapharyngeal tumors is the complete surgical excision. The most frequent surgical approaches for resection of these tumors are transcervical, transparotid, and transpharyngeal via mandibulotomy. Improvements in imaging and surgical technologies have sparked renewed interest in minimaly invasive transoral approaches with TORS (transoral robotic surgery) for treatment of selected parapharyngeal tumors.

In the planned special issue all different aspects of parapharyngeal space tumors like anatomical aspects, radiological diagnostic, different pathological aspects, selection of surgical approaches, and radiotherapy should be presented.