Journal of Pediatrics and Mother Care

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  • Research article - Medical Published: Jun 12, 2017

    Food Cravings and Aversions during Pregnancy: A Current Snapshot

    Food cravings are very common during pregnancy, along with food aversions in many instances, yet their underlying causes are not well understood. Food cravings are usually met with the consumption of the craved food, which generally include unhealthy foods, that is, sweet/fat and salty/spicy foods. It is important to follow…

    -Natallia Hainutdzinava, Kensie Weatherstone and John Worobey

  • Research article - Medical Published: Jan 09, 2017

    The Development of the Mother-Infant Mutualistic Screening Scale

    Background: The integrity of a mother-infant dyad is essential for the proper development of maternal behavior and infant growth/ development. At present, there is a lack of objective approaches to monitor mother-infant behavioral exchanges.

    -Emily Zimmerman* and Chantal Lau

  • Short communication - Medical Published: Sep 15, 2016

    Think Thymus, Think Well: the Chest X-Ray Thymic Signs

    Chest x-ray is one of the most requested imaging tools for infants. Actually, in spite of continuing trends of radiology in diminishing the importance of conventional thorax radiology, neonatal radiography is still essential for clinicians. Therefore, it is important to have wide knowledge of typical signs of this examination. This…

    -Di Serafino M*, Esposito F, Severino R, Mercogliano C, Dolezalova H, Scarano E, and Vallone G

  • Research article - Medical Published: May 13, 2016

    Predischarge Risk Factors for Predicting Significant Hyperbilirubinemia in Term and Near-term Infants

    Aim: Our objective was to compare the predictive ability of predischarge serum total bilirubin (STB) and clinical factors for significant hyperbilirubinemia (SHB) in newborn to see if we can improve the prediction of the hyperbilirubinemia. Methods: We conducted a prospective cohort study, recruiting healthy newborn infants of > 35 weeks…

    -Kishore Kumar R, Chandrasekaran M, Mahindre A1 and Harish B

  • Case report - Medical Published: Apr 29, 2016

    Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome – A Case of Rare Observation

    A two months ten days female child of non consanguineous parents without family history of the disease presented with watering from both eyes since birth, cough and respiratory distress for three days. She has dysmorphic mask like facies which has whistling appearance and other features include deep set eyes, broad…

    -AKM Mamunur Rashid, Forrukh A and Habiba SR