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  • Research article - Medical Published: Oct 18, 2017

    Single Center Retrospective Comparison of the TargetedCombination Therapies in Melanoma Patients

    Melanoma has a high mortality rate and the fastest growing global incidence rate of all malignancies, increasing in an exponential mannerPublished Date: October 18, 2017. Moreover there was no effective treatment for melanoma 2011. That is why melanoma research has been a hotpoint nowadays. We know now that patients with…

    -Eszter Gorka, András Gézsi, Kata Czirbesz, and Gabriella Liszkay

  • Review article - Medical Published: Jun 16, 2017

    Management of the Axilla in Breast Cancer - Routine Practice, Controversies and Outlook

    Surgery is the cornerstone of breast cancer treatment. History of breast cancer is correlated with the history of its surgical management. Surgical practices have evolved from the William Stewart Halsted time. Initially, loco regional treatments were very mutilating. They have been refined since the systematization of sentinel node biopsy in…

    -Sidy Ka, Pape M. Gaye, Serigne M. Badiane, Doudou Diouf, Mamour Gueye, and Ahmadou Dem

  • Review article - Medical Published: Jul 18, 2016

    Stabilization versus Ablation of Tumor Vasculature: Implications in Radio and Chemo-sensitization

    It is well established that tumors are unable to grow beyond a certain size (1-2 mm) unless they acquire their own blood supply via angiogenesis. Also, angiogenesis helps tumors to invade adjacent tissues and metastasize to distant sites [1]. Therefore, it has been postulated that interfering with the blood supply…

    -Abeer M. Mahmoud and Mohamed M. Ali