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Abeer Mahmoud

Designation : Research Assistant Professor
University/Organisation : University of Illinois
Qualification : M.D. Ph.D
Biography :  

Dr. Abeer Mahmoud received doctoral degree of Medicine and residency training in Pathology from Assiut University, Egypt. She worked as a pathologist for two years at South Egypt Cancer Institute. She received Ph. D in pathology from University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research interest involves studying the biology of cancer with an emphasis on the hormonal and genetic control of its development and progression as well as dietary chemopreventive strategies with the potential to mitigate the risk of development and progression. She is also interested in studying social versus biological determinants of cancer aggressiveness and disparity among different racial/ethnic groups. In addition, her current research focuses on the effect of lifestyle interventions, such as diet and physical activity, on improving vascular function and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in obesity and diabetes as well as enhancing the efficiency of cancer therapy.