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Zvonimir zore

Designation : Specialist oncoplastic and general surgery
University/Organisation : Clinical Hospital Sisters of Mercy
Qualification : M.D, Ph.D
Biography :  

Dr. Zvonimir Zore did his Doctor of medicine and a specialist oncoplastic and general surgery, who is also done doctoral studies in the thermograms and advanced diagnostics. He received his PhD at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb in 2012 thesis entitled "Alliance of infrared thermography with immunohistochemical characteristics of invasive breast cancer. Since 2008 he has been working in the Clinical Hospital Centre "Sisters of Mercy" for an indefinite period, in the workplace departmental medical specialist general and plastic surgery at the University Hospital for Tumors, Department of Oncology Surgery Department Oncoplastic surgery. He has published several scientific publications cited in the Current Contents database and other databases. Own research presented at several national and international congresses.