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  • Research article - Medical Published: Jul 08, 2016

    Short - Term Loosen Up Meditation Induced EEG and Autonomic Response in Healthy Japanese Students

    Meditation has been practiced beginning of ancient times, and recently has gained more attention as something that can be utilized by anyone, regardless of their location, age, or gender for health benefits. The present study was aimed to produce some basic data on the effects of short-term meditation, as assessed…

    -Iwakuma M, Nakayama T, Oshita D and Yamamoto A

  • Review article - Medical Published: Jun 27, 2016

    Thalkudi (Centella asiatica L.): A Brain Tonic among the Rural and Tribal Communities of Odisha, India

    Odisha is rich in biodiversity of medicinal flora. “Thalkudi” (Centella aciatica L.) is a common important traditional herb have been utilizing as brain tonic and purpose of memory enhancer among the tribal group and rural community of different rural and forest divisions of the state. The present study deals with…

    -Sanjeet Kumar, Gitishree Das and Jayanta Kumar Patra

  • Short communication - Medical Published: Mar 17, 2016

    Basti (Medicated Enemata)

    The word ‘Basti’ or ‘Vasti’ literally means bladder. In ancient times, bladders of animals were used to conduct this procedure. Hence, the procedure is named as Basti karma. Basti karma simply means medicated enema. In this process Medicated decoctions and oils are administered in the body through anus with the…

    -Deshpande RR

  • Research article - Medical Published: Dec 04, 2015

    Study on Acupuncture and Moxibustion of the Notch Signaling Pathway in Bone Marrow Cells to Alleviate Cyclophosphamide-Induced Myelosuppression in Mice

    Thirty two Healthy male Kunming mice of clean grade were randomized into blank group (A), model group (B), acupuncture group (C) and moxibustion group (D). Mice in groups B, C, and D were intraperitoneally injected with 100mg/kg/d CTX for three successive days to generate the myelosuppressive model; while mice in…

    -Mei Lu, Yingchun Teng, Daming Cao, Dongdong Yu, Xixin Zhao, Jianwei Li, Guangan Wang, Yanchao Wang

  • Editorial - Medical Published: Sep 12, 2015

    Alternative Medicine Takes a Revolution

    Alternative medicine has to take a revolution. Alternative medicines should no longer be treated as a non-scientific subject. With the emergence of sophisticated analytical, chemical and pharmacologic techniques, we can now identify, purify and study the active ingredients in medicinal herbs, and explain the therapeutic effects of the herbs. With…

    -Hiu Yee KWAN