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Seyed Mostafa Mirakbari

Designation : Assistant Professor
University/Organisation : Bu Ali Hospital, Qazvin University of Medical Scie
Qualification : MD
Biography :  

Dr. Seyed Mostafa Mirakbari is an Assistant Professor in forensic medicine and toxicology at Bu Ali Hospital, a part of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences in Qazvin, Iran. He completed an emergency medicine research fellowship at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He has served 3 years as a drug expert at Drug Control Headquarters, an organization in affiliation with presidency, and at the same time has been national consultant for United Nations Office for drugs and crime (UNODC) located in Tehran, Iran and national instructor for harm reduction in drug abuse. He is a member of American society of addiction medicine. He has many publications in peer-reviewed journals and 3 books about substance abuse and addictive synthetic drugs.