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Epidemiology of Violence

Handling Editor

Dr. Samar Ahmed, 

Director of Project Development, External Relations and Copy Rights Center
Director of Residency training Support Office

Dr. Samar Abdel azim Ahmed received her Postdoc in Medical Education at FAIMER institute, Philadelphia in 2012. Currently she is Associate Professor in the department of forensic medicine and toxicology at Ain Shams University, Egypt and vice president of the project for faculty development and accreditation of the faculty of Medicine, Director of international cooperation group Forensic medicine and toxicology department, ASU. She is the Regional coordinator of WAWFE (worldwide Association for Women Forensic Experts), Member of the network TUFH (towards Unity for Health). 

About the Special Issue

The Editorial Board is proud to present this Special Issue Epidemiology of Violence. We are driven to launch this issue by the pressing need of the community to study and exploit findings that would profile violence. In this world of rising violence, a multidisciplinary approach to problem assessment becomes the only sensible approach.

In view of the importance of information sharing, it has become of vast importance that information regarding this specific issue be rendered available and transmittable regardless of geographic boundaries. Nations tend to build on available experiences and in order to be able to tackle violence from a forensic point of view, mapping of the problem needs to be done first. This will help in anticipating the rising problem and in creating future profiles for violence.

In this issue, original research papers will be accepted covering the following topics;

  1. Sociodemographic assessment
  2. Mapping of trends of violence
  3. Study of risk factors related to violence
  4. Forensic psychiatric studies
  5. Criminal profiling
  6. Cold case analysis and
  7. Risk assessment in relation to all types of violence.

Finally, I should add that we are committed to a speedy and rational refereeing process for every piece of scholarship submitted to us. We endeavor to reply to all papers submitted within five weeks time with an answer about acceptance or rejection. We also do not require formatting for submissions in our style until after the paper has been accepted by us for publication.

I’d like to thank our Editorial Board for their work so far in helping to found the JFML. 


Last date for articles submission: 30-09-2017

Last date for peer review process: 30-11-2017

Expected date for final publication: 31-01-2018