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Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Handling Editor

Dr. Luis Rodrigo, 

University of Oviedo

Dr. Luis Rodrigo received his PhD degree from University of Oviedo in 1975. He is Specialist in Gastroenterology through the National Program of Fellowship in the Clinic “Puerta de Hierro” of Madrid, from January 1967 to December 1971. He published 235 scientific papers in English and 281 papers in Spanish. He had written a total of 58 chapters of books in Gastroenterology and 8 books about “Treatment in gastroenterological diseases”and other digestive and liver diseases. Currently he is Titular Professor in Medicine at the University of Oviedo. 

About the Special Issue

The Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Disorders (ISSN 2470-9891) is currently inviting submissions for a special issue entitled "Celiac Disease and Non-celiac gluten sensitivity”.

Prof. Dr. Luis Rodrigo of the University of Oviedo, Oviedo (Spain), is serving as Guest Editor for this issue.

Recent studies published mainly in the last 15 years, support the existence of a new condition, named as “Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity” (NCGS), which manifests as intestinal or extraintestinal symptoms that improve, or completely disappear, after the gluten withdrawal of their diets, and affects to individuals that show normal or minimum changes at the small-bowel mucosa and negative results on serum anti-transglutaminase and antiendomysial antibody testing.

Although the Clinical value of this concept is under debate, the prevalence of NCGS in the general population is supposed to be many times higher than that of celiac disease. The lack of an unambiguous definition of this disease may pose some difficulties and can improve the treatment and prognosis of many patients being classified as “functional” with several different diagnosis of a variety of diseases not only digestive, but also of extraintestinal location.

Based on your expertise in this field, we think you could make an excellent contribution of either evidence-based original research or a review of the scientific literature.

The submission deadline is 31st October 2017.

To check suitability, we encourage authors to send a short abstract or tentative title in advance to the Editorial Office.

For further details on the submission process, please see the instructions for authors at the journal’s website


•          Gluten-related disorders

•          Celiac disease

•          Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity

•          Gluten intolerance

•          Gluten sensitivity

•          Extra-intestinal manifestations

•          Gluten-free diet

We look forward to hearing from you.


Prof. Luis Rodrigo MD

Chief Editor of JGHD