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Decade of the Woman!

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 Published Date: July 30, 2015

Decade of the Woman!

Madhwa HG Raj

Editor in Chief, Women’s Health International

Citation: Madhwa HG Raj (2015) Decade of the Woman!. Women Heal Int 1(1): 102. Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.19104/whi.2015.102


This is the decade of the woman!  We are just about half way through this decade which has been highly significant for women of this world.  Women have been elected leaders in many countries including Germany, South Korea and Brazil.  A highly qualified woman is in charge of shaping foreign policy of India, the largest democracy.  The youngest Nobel Prize winner in history who received the prize last year happens to be a woman.  For the first time in history of USA we have not one but two highly qualified women as presidential contenders.  In spite of these exciting and significant events marking progress of women worldwide, women have also been the victims of great suffering and violence.  Women have been kidnapped in large numbers in Africa, and have been victims of rape in large numbers in various parts of the world.  There is an urgent need to focus on alleviating the suffering of women from breast and ovarian cancers as well as cardiovascular diseases and improving women’s health status.  Also there is a need for improving their educational status and accord women equal status to men in the work place.  It has been very timely and appropriate that we are embarking on devoting our new journal to women all over the world.  We plan to publish articles highlighting the status of women’s health and focusing on research and education striving to improve the same.  We welcome articles pertaining to women’s health issues, as well as sociological, psychological and economical aspects.  Research on providing solutions and explaining women’s issues to general public are needed.  We will also be announcing call for thematic issues and inviting potential authors to edit issues in their areas of expertise.   As the famous adage goes “behind every successful man there is (who else but) a woman! 

Best wishes for a Healthy, Happy year 2015 and enjoyable, informative reading of WHI!

*Corresponding author: Madhwa HG Raj, M.Sc.,Ph.D, Editor in Chief, Women’s Health International