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Latest Articles

  • Research article - Lifesciences Published: May 14, 2014

    Application Progress of Nano-material in Molecule Functional Imaging with Radionuclide Tracing Technique and Targeted Treatment

    The development of molecular imaging with radionuclide tracing and treatment relies on the advancement of precise probes at the cellular and molecular levels. The novel specific tumor-targeting probes have been exploited in the design of nanoscale carriers being able to deliver radioactive molecules in a selective manner. These nano-materials have…

    -Yao Ning, Chen Xue-Qi and Wang Rong-Fu

  • Research article - Lifesciences Published: Jul 03, 2014

    A Testing Platform to Evaluate Thermal Profiles of Balloon Catheter-based Bipolar Radiofrequency Ablation Devices in the Treatment of Resistant Hypertension

    Radiofrequency (RF) ablation is currently being developed for renal denervation, a medical procedure used to treat resistant hypertension. This treatment involves the local heating of tissue surrounding the renal artery to a temperature sufficient for nerve ablation without causing irreversible damage to arterial tissue. One of the greatest difficulties in…

    -Laura K Hobbs, Lori Shaw-Klein, William J Grande, and Greg T Gdowski

  • Research article - Lifesciences Published: May 12, 2015

    Homeodomain Transcription Factor Msx-2 Regulates Uterine Progenitor Cell Response to Diethylstilbestrol

    The fate of mouse uterine epithelial progenitor cells is determined between postnatal days 5 to 7. Around this critical time window, exposure to an endocrine disruptor, diethylstilbestrol (DES), can profoundly alter uterine cytodifferentiation. We have shown previously that a homeo domain transcription factor MSX-2 plays an important role in DES-responsiveness…

    -Yan Yin, Congxing Lin, Ivy Zhang, Alexander V Fisher, Maulik Dhandha and Liang Ma

  • Research article - Medical Published: Jan 23, 2015

    Using Early Goal Directed Therapy with MEDS Score

    This study is a retrospective chart review of 243 patients, conducted at an urban tertiary care center, after implementing an EGDT protocol on January 1, 2008. This study compares differences in in-hospital mortality and length of stay (LOS) in the ICU and the ED between the 126 septic patients who…

    -Ameer F. Ibrahim, Michael Mann, Robert McCormack, Kimberly Zammit, Jeffrey Scull, Lisa Voigt

  • Review article - Lifesciences Published: Jan 24, 2015

    Direct Reprogramming Facilitated by Small Molecules

    The ability to reprogram cellular fate provide great hope for regenerative medicine and offer excellent cellular resources for disease modeling and drug discovery. Direct reprogramming, also called lineage reprogramming or transdifferentiation, is the process of changing one cell type to another without going through an intermediate pluripotent step. Direct reprogramming…

    -Conner Lewis, Blake Brewster, E Tian and Yanhong Shi