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Latest Articles

  • Editorial - Pharmacy Published: Sep 09, 2015

    Will Diseases Become More Predictable, Treatable and Curable?

    Unfortunately, there are rare or no effective treatments for quite a few diseases, such as cancer, AD and PD. Understanding the pathology and etiology is the first step, with great achievements having taken place over the last few decades. Next, these research achievements must be translated into effective therapeutics or…

    -Pan Chen

  • Editorial - Lifesciences Published: Sep 11, 2015

    Small "Crossovers" of Metabolic Processes but Potentially Great Factors of Health or Disease

    In biological systems, cellular metabolism is dependent on energy production. The main route of ATP synthesis in all eukaryotes is mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation. Reactive oxygen species production occurs as a result of electron transfer reactions. Although mitochondria are responsible for the continuous production of reactive oxygen species, they are not…

    -Janka Vaskova

  • Editorial - Medical Published: Sep 10, 2015

    Tinnitus: A Challenging Complaint for the Physician

    Tinnitus is a common but very heterogeneous symptom. It is defined as the perception of a sound by an individual in the absence of an external source or stimuli from the external environment. There are various causes for tinnitus, which complicates its understanding and study. There is also a great…

    -Fernando L.Fernandes, Alexandre C. Guimaraes, Reinaldo J. Gusmao

  • Editorial - Medical Published: Sep 10, 2015

    The present and future perspectives and goals of JGHD

    Digestive diseases are very common throughout the world and many have a chronic course and require regular checks for proper handling.The main objectives of this new journal are to disseminate work related to the wide variety of digestive diseases, presenting these through the study and analysis of well-designed series of…

    -Luis Rodrigo

  • Review article - Medical Published: Sep 03, 2015

    A Brief Overview of How Male Medicine Co-opted the Birth Process

    The term medicalization has been defined as the process by which non-medical issues come to be defined and treated as medical problems. There are no better examples of this than pregnancy and childbirth. Prior to the intervention of physicians and hospitals, most females delivered unassisted or assisted by a relative…

    -Leonard F. Vernon