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Latest Articles

  • Review article - Medical Published: Nov 09, 2017

    Clinical Aspects and Scoring the Severity of Dyspnea: A Short Review

    Dyspnea is the more frequent and one of the most complex respiratory symptoms in acute patient care. We can define it very simply e.g. “inappropriate relationship between respiratory work and total body work” or as “an abnormally uncomfortable awareness of breathing” or in a popular way “the clinicians know what…

    -Tibor Gondos

  • Review article - Lifesciences Published: Aug 04, 2017

    The Cell Embodies Standard Engineering Principles

    In the last several decades, different engineering disciplines have explored ways to harness biology. Engineers have looked to biology not just for medical applications, but also for production of biomimetic materials and technologies, neural network processing algorithms, and even computer networking. These engineering applications of biological phenomena are made possible…

    -Curtis E. Hrischuk and Gregory T. Reeves

  • Research article - Medical Published: Dec 06, 2017

    Qualitative Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Dioscorea alata L.: A Nutraceutical Tuber Crops of Rural Odisha

    Tubers are the modified plant structures that are enlarged parts to store nutrients. Plants take up nutrients from the tubers for self sustenance during unfavorable conditions and also to germinate through asexual reproduction with the help of stored nutrients. There are two types of tubers i.e. stem and root tubers.…

    -Kumar S, Mahanti P, Rath SK and Patra JK

  • Review article - Medical Published: Dec 21, 2017

    Spirulina: A Panacea for Iron-Deficiency Anemia of Pregnancy (A hypothesis-based Review)

    Anemia is currently the worst global public health scourge believed to be caused by micro-nutrient deficiency. It has devastating effects in the form of premature births, low birth weight, postpartum hemorrhages, other maternal complications, and stunting and growth-retardation among children below 5 years. All this feeds into a vicious intergenerational…

    -Fehmida I. Visnegarwala and Mahesh RV

  • Case report - Medical Published: Oct 13, 2017

    A Heart Touched by “The Devil’s Tongue”: Near Fatal Pulmonary Embolism

    A 73–year old man with a history of hypertension, attended the emergency room presenting syncope, dyspnea, and chest tightness with inspiratory efforts. In emergency room the patient's mental status was obtunded, his heart rate was 84 beats per minute, respiratory rate 28 breaths per minute; oxygen saturation was 88% with…

    -Aaron B. Ortiz, David C. Alonso, Sergio S. Noguero